About Us

Ashley & Co® is a New Zealand owned and operated company based in Auckland. What began over a decade ago as a creative experiment in a garage by entrepreneur (read: borderline crazy) Jackie Ashley, has now grown into a fully-fledged business. With the input of husband Ben, a graphic designer, the products and packaging began to take form and the epic journey of Ashley & Co® kicked off. Nowadays, we’ve expanded, joined by a passionate partner, new premises and many new products. 

Yet we still reserve the right to be creative, innovative and a little bit crazy.

Our range includes 8 signature scents and over 50+ products and is found in some of the finest retail hotspots in NZ and abroad. We’re also proud to be pumping in some of the most exciting restaurants, cafes and hotels on the planet. And you’ll find us way up high due to our recent partnership supplying products for Air New Zealand’s Business and Premium Economy class inflight packs.

Yet what keeps us firmly grounded is a love of what we do: making, creating, sharing and giving. As well as family, food, fresh flowers and appreciation of the small things!




A Modern Day Scent Company
Being a modern day scent company means we do things a little differently. 

We savour scents and memories informed by the past, but our spirit is anchored firmly in the present, in the richness of our modern lives. Not beholden to a particular style or trend, we instead hope for an element of timelessness in our range so we can effortlessly be part of others’ lives. 

We pride ourselves on long-lasting, memorable scents and on superior products. To achieve the best, we manufacture in New Zealand so we can oversee the process and maintain quality from whoah to go. Perfect is how we like it. 

We understand our customers - our Ashley & Co® Society - what they love and how they live, and we channel our work to uplift them. 

From our scents to our packaging, to our customer service and communications, all of this makes for a truly contemporary and relevant approach to doing business.