How does perfume work? 

Perfumes are traditionally structured to contain three levels of “notes”. Known as the top note, the middle note, and the base or bottom note. The top note is the initial impression a fragrance gives. These fragrances are mild such as cucumber, mint and lemon. The middle or heart note is the “second” scent, usually warmer and floral. Common examples include tuberose, gardenia, rose. The bottom or base note of a perfume is the deep earthy aroma that initially is quite subtle, but develops and lingers longer. Familiar base notes include musk, patchouli and sandalwood.

What differentiates Ashley and Co from other air freshener products? 

Aesthetically pleasing, without being obtrusive in the home. Ashley and Co.’s design and fragrances are subtle yet distinctive. Each product is made up of a generous amount of perfume to ensure a quality diffusion of scent throughout the room.

How do I assemble my Home Perfume? 

Simply unscrew the cap and replace it with the black aluminum top. Dip the sticks in the solution, then flip the sticks and pop them through the hole in the top. The fragrance will then filter throughout the room.

How does the Home Perfume work? 

The perfume solution diffuses up the porous sticks. As the sticks become more saturated the fragrance will pleasantly intensify. To vary the intensity of the fragrance, simply flip the sticks.

How long will my Home Perfume last, and can you buy refills? 

The diffuser will last approximately 5 – 8 months depending upon the room conditions. The dryer the conditions, the greater the rate of diffusion and evaporation, thus more humidity has the opposite effect. We do not produce refills, as once the sticks have been saturated by a fragrance they will not take to another, and secondly adding another fragrance to a used bottle will alter the scent.

How long will my Home Perfume last unopened and can I close up the bottle once open? 

The fragrance will last unopened for up to 2.5 years, however we recommend not to store it in direct sunlight, best boxed, and at room temperature. Yes you can put the top back on to seal the fragrance once opened.

Why has my Home Perfume darkened in Colour? 

This is very normal. As the solution diffuses, the colour may darken. This is due to the solution being exposed to air and sunlight.
Are there any precautions to be aware of? 

Please place Home Perfume on stable and level surface. As with any perfume solution, please ensure that there are no drips down the side of the bottle as this may result in damage to any wood or veneer surface. Please keep out of reach of small children.

My pump on the WashUp is hard to unscrew and it won't pop up. How can I make it work? 

Try screwing the pump onto the bottle as tight as possible in a clockwise direction. Then twist the pump part around in an anti-clockwise direction until it pops up. Any problems please let us know.